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2021 RICE COUNTY COVID-19 Business Relief Payments Application

  1. Is your business located in Rice County?*

  2. Is your business still active? *

  3. Has your business been directly impacted by being ordered to be closed or at reduced capacity by an Executive Order related to COVID-19? *

  4. Has your business been indirectly impacted by an Executive Order related to COVID-19? *

  5. Do you have any liens with the MN Secretary of State? *

  6. Were business property taxes paid in full as of March 1, 2020? *

  7. Have you been notified by the Department of Revenue that you will be receiving business relief funds? *

  8. I hereby agree that by signing the Rice County COVID-19 Business Relief Payments application I claim all information is accurate and that I am subject to audit by RIce County for the information given. If it is determined that the information provided is not accurate, I agree to pay Rice County the entire grant that I receive. I acknowledge that some data provided may be public and will be governed by the Minnesota Data Practice Law.

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