Why is the county looking at these properties?

Rice County's board of commissioners acquired most of the eight properties intending to use the land for a jail expansion.
Once the Board of Commissioners decided not to use the properties for a jail expansion, it needed to consider what it envisioned for the block, a gateway to Faribault’s historic downtown.
The buildings, anywhere from 65 to 120 years old, have a variety of issues, including outdated mechanical systems and structural problems, common with structures of that age.

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1. Why is the county looking at these properties?
2. When will the board make a decision?
3. Is there going to be a park on the First Avenue portion of the block?
4. If the Klemer Building is demolished, is there a way to recognize its architect, Olof Hanson?
5. What will happen to the murals on the two Fourth Street buildings?