County Coroner

Role of the Coroner

The Coroner provides death investigative services for deaths that occur in Rice County. All deaths that are sudden or unexpected or occur from other than natural causes must be reported to the Coroner. The information gathered during a forensic death investigation and subsequent autopsy can be critical in civil or criminal court cases. Our goal is to assist families, law enforcement agencies and the legal system by determining the cause and manner of death.
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Benefits of a Death Investigation

A properly completed death certificate is usually necessary to claim insurance, receive government benefits, settle the decedent’s estate, and pursue any civil or criminal legal action.

Medical benefits provided by an autopsy include a medical determination of the cause of death, recognition of unsuspected unnatural causes of death, identification of public health hazards, and sometimes the identification of an undiagnosed hereditary medical condition.

Once the Coroner determines the cause and manner of death, the State Registrar will finalize the death certificate and the funeral home can obtain death certificates for you.