Workforce & Demographics

Population 2006 to 2008: Cities in Rice County

AreaPopulation 2006Population 2008Numeric ChangePercent Change
Rice County61,98062,8989181.5%
State of Minnesota5,167,1015,220,39353,2921.1%

There are 6 cities in Rice County.  Faribault and Northfield are the largest cities in the county, and they added the most new residents between 2000 and 2005.  Dundas and Lonsdale grew at the fastest rate.


Rice County Laborshed: Where Workers Live

CountyNumber of Rice County Workers Living in the Residence CountyShare of Rice County Workers Living in the Residence County
Rice County20,22879.1%
Dakota County1,2675.0%
Steele County9393.7%
Goodhue County7262.8%
Le Sueur County4921.9%
All other counties1,9347.6%

Faribault and Northfield are also the largest employment centers in the county, together accounting for 91 percent of county employment.  The county’s major highways and proximity to other large communities contributes to the large numbers of commuters both into and out of the county.


Rice County Commuteshed: Where Residents Work

CountyNumber of Rice County Residents Working in the CountyShare of Rice County Residents Working in the County
Rice County20,22870.7%
Dakota County2,8179.9%
Hennepin County1,17716.2%
Steele County1,0433.7%
Scott County7752.7%
Ramsey County5551.9%
Le Sueur County2781.0%
All other counties1,1374.0%

New and expanding businesses may also try to retain some out-commuters.  Thirty percent of the county’s working residents commute outside the county for work. For more information please refer to the link below.

Rice County Economic and Work Force Characteristics - including laborshed, wage, and availability information. 2007