Where can I pick up a National Association of Counties (NACo) Prescription Discount Card?

The Prescription Discount Card is available at the following official sites:

In Faribault: at the Rice County Government Services Building (Public Health, Social Services, and the Information Desk), District One Hospital (main lobby), the Welcome Center, the City Hall building, and Three Rivers Community Action Center

In Northfield: at the City Hall building (second floor, Rice County Satellite office), Northfield Hospital (main lobby), Northfield Community Resource Center (north lobby), and the Northfield Community Action Center; in Morristown, at the Community Center; in Lonsdale, at City Hall; and in Dundas, at City Hall.

For more information about the program, call 1-877-321-2652, visit NACo Prescription Discount Card Program, or contact Deb Purfeerst at Rice County Public Health at (507)332-5914 or dpurfeerst@co.rice.mn.us