Water Resource Management

Division Overview 

The Water Resource Management division is responsible for identifying water related issues and implementing studies to develop strategies to protect and maintain the water resources of Rice County.  This division is also responsible for the Rice County Comprehensive Local Water Plan.

In addition, the division is also responsible for Shoreland Enforcement.  The Environmental Planners are responsible for the enforcement of the shoreland restrictions.  These duties include enforcement of topographic alterations, grading and filling, vegetation alterations, building setbacks and erosion control standards.


Water Resource Management

The many current and long range water resource management issues include:

  • Water Conservation and Groundwater Management
  • Wetlands, Wildlife Habitat, and Woodland Management
  • Shoreland and Floodplain Protection
  • Storage Tanks and Individual Sewage Treatment Systems Regulation
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Urban Runoff and Stormwater Management
  • Soil Erosion Abatement
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides Best Management Practices and Regulations
  • Feedlots and Animal Waste Regulations and Study
For questions or concerns relating to Water Planning, please contact:
   Rice County Environmental Services at (507) 332-6113 or by email



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