Top 10 Reasons for Rejecting Documents for Recording in the Torrens Department

1. Document cross reference numbers are wrong or missing.

2. Need a bank name change or the additional memorial fee of $20.00 is needed.

3. Incorrect filing fee.

4. Notary acknowledgment is missing, not complete/clear. Notary has signed or affixed stamp over print or signatures. Stamp is too light or unlegible MN Statue Sec: 359.03. Notary county is missing in the acknowledgement.

5. Marital status is missing.

6. Legal description or owners names do not match the certificate of title exactly.

7. Missing/Incorrect state deed tax, mortgage registration tax (MRT), or real estate taxes are not current.

8. Drafting statement is missing/incomplete. Need complete name & address.

9. Document does not meet Document Standard's requirements. 507.093

10. Missing or incomplete Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV). Social Security numbers are missing.