Top 10 Reasons for Rejecting Documents for Recording in the Abstract Department

1. Notary acknowledgment is not complete/clear. Notary has signed or affixed stamp over print or signatures, stamp is too light or unlegible. MN Statute Sec: 359.03. Notary county is missing in the acknowledgement.

2. Missing well certificate or a statement that a well certificate is not needed, on a transferring document.

3. The drafting statement is missing. Need complete name and address.

4 There is a problem with the legal description.

5. The grantor's marital status is not indicated or the spouse's signature is missing.

6. The document number that is being satisfied or assigned is incorrect.

7. The recording fee included is incorrect.

8. Missing/incorrect state deed tax, mortgage registration tax (MRT) or real estate taxes are not current.

9. Missing the Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV )or it is not properly filled out. SS#'s are missing.

10. Document does not meet document standards requirements - 507.093.