Section 8


The RCHRA will offer in person interpreters or telephone interpreters as requested by applicants/participants at no cost. Please call the RCHRA at 507-333-3787.

(RCHRA) xafiiskan waxaad ka heli kartaa turjumaan kula kulma ama khadka telefoonka kuugu turjuma kolba/marba sidaad codsatid taasoo waliba bilaash kuu ah.  (RCHRA) 507-333-3787.

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Section 8 Waiting List

The Rice County Section 8 waiting list is closed.  Applications are not given out when the list is closed.



What is Section 8

The Rice County Housing and Redevelopment Authority is a public housing authority that administers the federally funded Housing Choice Voucher Program through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The program is designed to provide affordable, safe, decent and sanitary rental housing for low and moderate income families. As vouchers become available, eligible families are called from the waiting list which opens periodically.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program enables families to locate housing in the private rental market where landlords are willing to participate and where the rents are comparable to similar unassisted unites and falls within the program’s guidelines. When families begin renting assisted units, they must pay a minimum of 30%, not to exceed 40%, of their monthly adjusted income towards rent and utilities. This calculation of assistance is done by the housing authority.


How to Apply for Section 8


When the waiting list is open, applications are available at the Housing Authority main office or on this webpage. Applicants may complete one application per household, which will be date and time stamped upon receipt by the Housing Authority. This is a preliminary application to be placed on the wait list.


The housing office will request documentation of preference at the time you submit your application. Applications from non-
Rice County residents will not be accepted.

Resident of Rice County: Families that have permanent, sole place of residency in Rice County or have a household member
that works in Rice County at the time of application.
Acceptable proof includes:

  • Current lease, and/or bill less than 30 days old (phone,credit card, utility, etc.).
  • Paystub or offer letter from a company located in Rice County less than 30 days old.

Issuing a Voucher

Once a family reaches the top of the waiting list, all information has been verified, their eligibility determined, their subsidy calculated, and they have attended the family briefing, the Housing Authority of Rice County will issue the housing choice voucher. At this point, the family begins their search for a unit.

Finding a Place to Live

Voucher holders may search the private rental market for a housing unit that is decent, safe and sanitary according to federal Housing Quality Standards (HQS established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development). A copy of the HUD booklet, “A Good Place to Live!” is a good resource and is provided at the briefing meeting. The Housing Authority also has a list of landlords available at the HRA office. When a unit is found and the owner agrees to lease it under the Housing Choice Voucher Program, the Housing Authority will inspect the property. After the unit passes HQS inspections and rent has been approved, the landlord and tenant enter a lease for an initial term of one year. The landlord and HRA enter into an agreement called a Housing Assistance Payments Contract, through which the rent is assisted on the tenant’s behalf. The tenant is responsible for the monthly payment of the difference between the total rent and the Housing Assistance Payment.


Section 8 Administrative Policy

The Section 8 Administrative Policy serves as the guidebook for how the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is run locally – and supplements the federal manual for the program. This policy must be consistent with the federal rules and regulation for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, and it allows the local housing authority to describe and define eligibility for admission, management of the waiting list, termination from the program, etc.