Rice County Zoning Ordinace

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map

Table of Contents

Chapter 501 Introductory Provisions
Chapter 502 Definitions
Chapter 503 Zoning Administration
Chapter 504 Nonconforming Parcels, Structures and Uses
Chapter 505 General Regulations
Chapter 506 Environmental Performance Standards
Chapter 507 Specific Development Standards
Chapter 508 Zoning Districts, Zoning Map and Uses
Chapter 509 "A" Agricultural District
Chapter 510 "UR" Urban Reserve District
Chapter 511 "RR" Rural Residential District
Chapter 512 "VMU" Village Mixed-Use District
Chapter 513 Village Extension Regulations
Chapter 514 "HC" Highway Commercial District
Chapter 515 "LI" Limited Industrial District
Chapter 516 Shoreland Districts
Chapter 517 Shoreland Planned Unit Developments
Chapter 518 "F" Flood Plain Overlay District
Chapter 519 "WS" Wild & Scenic River District
Chapter 520 Transfer of Development Rights Regulations
Chapter 521 Cluster Development Standards
Chapter 522 Planned Unit Development Review Standards
Chapter 523 Subdivision Regulations