Recreational Safety



This includes our Water Patrol, Dive Team, Boat & Water Safety, Snowmobile Safety, ATV/UTV Safety. 


Water Patrol – The water patrol duties are conducted by patrol deputies, part-time seasonal water patrol staff and citizen water patrol volunteers who live on or near our waterways within Rice County.   Our fleet consists of a variety of watercraft to assist us with calls ranging from holding ponds, streams, rivers and lakes.


Dive Team – The dive team rescue and recovery duties are carried out by 3 patrol staff and 3 part-time special deputies who are all certified rescue divers.  They are assisted by additional Sheriff’s personnel trained as dive team tenders, communication and sonar.  These staff are trained for both open water and ice diving operations.


ATV/UTV/Snowmobile Education/Enforcement – The Sheriff’s Office has 2 snowmobiles, 1 quad-cab UTV with a rescue basket and 1 ATV.  These vehicles can be used for search and rescue as well as enforcement details, and assist with educational classes targeting safe operation of these recreational vehicles.