Rice County Public Health Providing SHIP Mini-Grants for Neighborhoods

July 17, 2014
Healthy Rice County is making mini-grants of up to $4,500 available to neighborhoods interested in working on healthy eating and active transportation (walking and bicycling). Neighborhoods can be identified as an area where people live or gather.
Healthy Rice County mini-grants can support neighborhood healthy lifestyle initiatives that have a policy, system, or environmental change approach. Funding is not available for capital improvement projects, one-time educational programs or special events.
Some ideas for projects include but are not limited to: introduction of traffic calming measures such as reduced speed limits that make the environment safer for walkers and bicyclists, developing joint use/open facilities agreements for cooking classes or community meals, organizing walking school busses or bike trains, working with out of school programming groups to offer healthier snacks, speed bumps to slow traffic, signage that helps improve the environment for walking, biking or transit, yield/stop signs, community gardens, bike racks, bike rodeos, bicycles or adult tricycles for neighborhood use, shopping carts for residents to use if walking to do some shopping. We welcome your creative ideas for making the healthy choice the easy choice in your neighborhood.
Applications are available for download at http://healthyricecounty.org/funding-opportunities. The deadline for submitting a mini-grant application is August 29th, 2014.
If you would like to discuss your project idea, please contact Bonnie Story, Healthy Rice County SHIP Coordinator, at (507) 332-5930 or by email at bstory@co.rice.mn.us.
For more information about the Rice County Statewide Health Improvement Program, please visit the Healthy Rice County website at www.healthyricecounty.org.
Funding for these mini-grants is provided by the Minnesota Department of Health’s Statewide Health Improvement Program.
Bonnie Story, Rice County Public Health SHIP Coordinator (507) 332-5930
Deb Purfeerst, Rice County Public Health Director (507) 332-6111
Tony Murphy, Rice County Administrator (507) 332-6121