Flash Flood/Road Closure Updates for Rice County

June 20, 2014
Water levels in Rice County appear to be receding.  We still caution citizens to drive carefully on county roads as some have sustained washouts and may have debris on them.   Slow your speeds down to avoid hydroplaning, do not drive through large pools of standing water, do not drive through water running over a roadway, stay clear of high water areas where water is coming over its banks and barriers, and use common sense by not putting yourself or anyone else in a dangerous situation.  We would also caution those thinking of canoeing or kayaking in the rivers as there are many log jams and debris in the rivers and current is very fast due to high water levels.  Please contact the Sheriff’s Office if you observe a dangerous situation, new road obstructions or wash outs or observe someone in need of assistance.
For any county residents looking for sand bags, we would direct you to check with your local hardware or farms store, local construction companies or your larger retail stores that carry these items.  Rice County does not provide sand bags to local citizens or businesses.
Updated at 8:00 am on Friday, June 20, 2014:
New closure:
CR 58 (granular surfaced) Jasper Trail.  Just south of CSAH 1 (100th Street West) Culvert failure.   Repairs scheduled for the week of June 23rd.
Earlier closings still in effect
Road closed:  CR 64 (granular surfaced) Irwin Trail.  Water over the road (WOTR) by bridge near intersection of 150th Street West and Jackson Avenue  (Also repairs to roadway ongoing south of TH 21)  
Road closed:  CR 59 (granular surfaced) Union Lake Trail.  WOTR between Gonvick Avenue and Garfield Avenue
Road closed:  CR 271 Garfield Ave.  WOTR between TH 21 and 170th Street West (Significant damage to roadway, south of TH 21, repairs likely Friday 20th)
Roads re-opened:
CR 98 (pavement) 270th St. on the Steele County line (Straight River)    This was closed yesterday, water receded, but now has risen again.   Roadway opened approx. 2:30 pm, June 19th
Road closed:  CSAH 21 (granular surfaced) on Steele County line  (local stream)  This location is just east of CSAH 45 by the RR overpass.   Roadway opened Friday morning, June 20th
CSAH 38 (pavement)  Cedar Lake Blvd about ½ mile south  of the CSAH 10 (Dodd Road) intersection. Local stream.   Have never seen water over the road here before.   Roadway opened approx. 1:30 pm, June 19th
CR 66 (granular surfaced) Independence Ave.   Local stream.   Roadway opened approx. 1:30 pm, June 19th
The current gauge readings are as follows:
CR29 & Hwy 3:  21.37’ @ 08:15 am which is down from yesterday.  
  • The stick meter gauge was reading about 6.4’ at 0840hrs which is also slight down
Northfield @ 2nd Street:  899.54’ @ 08:30 am  
  • The level here has leveled somewhat – hovering around this measurement
Straight River @ 227th Street:  11.34’ @ 08:15 am – This continues to slowly go down
Steele County Straight River:  1129.46’ @ 6:00 am – This also continues to slowly go down
Troy Dunn, Rice County Sheriff, (507) 334-4391
Jennifer Hauer-Schmitz, Rice Co. Emergency Management Director, (507) 332-6119
Tony Murphy, Rice County Administrator, (507) 332-6121