Flash Flood Warning - Rice County - Road Closure Updates

June 19, 2014
With the continued rain overnight and into today, Rice County continues to see water levels rising in the county.  Here is an update of river levels/gauge readings and road closures.  We recommend that citizens drive carefully during the downpours.  Slow your speeds down to avoid hydroplaning, do not drive through large pools of standing water, do not drive through water running over a roadway, stay clear of high water areas where water is coming over its banks and barriers, and use common sense by not putting yourself or anyone else in a dangerous situation.  Please contact the Sheriff’s Office if you observe a dangerous situation, new road obstructions or wash outs or observe someone in need of assistance.  
Rice County: (9:00 am)
• Hwy 3 & the Cannon River Bridge – water is well over the banks and flooding into the fields all around.
• Cabot Ave & 151st: entrance to wilderness park is now covered with water
   --The water from the landing area is now reaching Cabot Ave
   --Barricade to block entrance to wilderness park is floating
• West End of 151st St E by Hwy 3: Road Closed barricade has been moved out to entrance just off of Hwy 3
   --The water over the roadway is well west of 2698 151st St and is rounding the bend in the road.
   --Residence at 2698 151st Street – driveway is blocked – they have a back way out through the field
      **Homeowner’s vehicle is parked on 151st Street West of the water covered roadway – LIC: 755AXG
• CR29/Hwy 3 Bridge:  stick meter gauge is at 6.8’  up about a foot since yesterday at 1700hrs
   --Ditches & fields are very flooded in the area
   --There is about 4feet of leeway left in the lowest area before it seeps onto Hwy 3
   --Bachrach Way is Flooded – cannot enter it – HOUSES THERE ARE UNOCCUPIED
• Rice County Declared a State of Emergency on 6/18/2014 @ 7:00 pm
• 151ST Street East – Cannon City Twsp
• Dahle Ave just south of 220th St – Walcott Twp
• 270th at the Railroad overpass just east of CR45 
• 270th from Straight River Bridge to Coe Ave
• CSAH38 (Cannon City Blvd) approx ¼ mile south of CSAH10 (Dodd Road) 
• 200th & Kent – approx. 3 ft of water over roadway – Morristown Twsp
CR29 & Hwy 3: 21.50’ at 10:15 am, up approx. 1 foot since yesterday morning
Northfield Gauge: 899.4’ at 11:00 am, up approx. 1.5 feet since yesterday morning
Straight River Gauge: 11.82’ at 10:15 am, up only slightly 
Steele Co Gauge: 1130.95’ at 8:00 am, down slightly since yesterday
Troy Dunn, Rice County Sheriff, (507) 334-4391
Jennifer Hauer-Schmitz, Rice Co. Emergency Management Director, (507) 332-6119
Tony Murphy, Rice County Administrator, (507) 332-6121