E-Waste Recycling Options

December 31, 2013
Holiday Waste Reduction Weekly Idea #4:
E-Waste Recycling Options
Many of you may have received new electronic items in your household as gifts over the holidays.  These may be replacements for electronics you no longer need.   Several options exist for proper recycling of old and unwanted electronics items (e-waste).  Several manufacturers and retailers offer free e-waste recycling options; including:
• Ruth’s House in Faribault will accept used cell phones and small ink cartridges (no toner cartridges) free of charge by contacting them at (507)332-2236. 
• Rice County Recycling Center/Landfill also accepts all e-waste items for a small fee. 
As a reminder as you take down your holiday decorations, holiday lights will be accepted for recycling at the following locations through January 15th and are accepted at the Rice County Recycling Facility all year round.
ACE Hardware Stores  
670 Water Street South Northfield 
421 Second Ave. NW, Faribault 
Rice County Government Services Center
320 3rd Street NW, Faribault
Rice County Recycling Center/Landfill
3800 145th Street East, Dundas 
Please feel free to email any questions regarding waste reduction or recycling to: RCSolidWaste@co.rice.mn.us
Brad Behrens, Rice County Environmental Technician, (507) 332-6833
Julie Runkel, Rice County Environmental Services Director, (507) 332-6113