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Title 1 


101On-Sale Intoxicating Liquors
101-AOn-Sale Wines
110Alcohol Licensing Enforcement
150Aggregate Material Removal Production Tax

Title 2

Parks and Recreation

205Park Ordinance
207Fishing from Bridge
210Use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) in County Road Right-of-Ways
250Water Surface Use

Title 3

Public Safety

306Parking Restrictions
308Large Gatherings
310Social Host
314Trespass to Consume Alcohol
315Trespass with Recreational Vehicle

Title 4

 Health and Welfare

409Rabies Quarantine
450Clean-Up of Clandestine Drug Lab Sites

Title 5

Land Use

550Building Code Adoption
575Joint Airport Zoning
590Pipeline Installation

Title 6


600Solid Waste
624Solid Waste Service Fee Assessment
625Feedlot Ordinance
700Loan Program for ISTS and Water Wells
710Sewage and Wastewater Treatment