Online Data

Certificates of Location of Government Corners may be downloaded from the Beacon website. 

Reference coordinates for several existing Section Corner and Quarter Corners may be accessed from the Beacon website. These coordinates have been used by Rice County to build the parcel layer as shown on Beacon. This data is a compilation of different sources and should not be relied upon for land surveys. Rice County does not guarantee the accuracy of this data. This information may be obtained in a similar manner as the Certificates of Location of Government Corners.

The Rice County Recorder’s office has scanned (1,100 recorded plats), (724,000 Abstract documents), and (53,000 Torrens documents). These records may be accessed through the LANDSHARK system. Rice County charges LANDSHARK users a monthly subscription fee of $50.00 with a $2.00 per document fee. There is also an initial set-up fee of $50. If you would like to create a LANDSHARK account please contact the Recorder’s office. If you have already have a LANDSHARK account, click on the link below.



LandShark Overview