Newspaper Archives and Historical Photos

Newspaper Archives

The following articles are from papers published by the Faribault Daily News between 1931-1934
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County Board News - Thursday, February 26, 1931
Financial Statement - Wednesday, February 18, 1931
New Years Baby 1934 - Monday, January 1, 1934   
New Years Baby Prizes - Monday, January 1, 1934
Tax Valuation - Monday, July 25, 1932 (article 1 of 2)    
Tax Valuation - Monday, July 25, 1932 (article 2 of 2)
January Schedule of Attractions - Monday, January 1, 1934    
Piggly Wiggly Grocery Ad - Thursday, February 26, 1931     
Grocery Ads - Monday, July 25, 1932
Northfield Article - Monday, July 25, 1932    
Maytag Ad - Monday, July 25, 1932    
Penney's Ad - Monday, July 25, 1932

Historical Photos

Bridge Construction - Fbo. to Nfld. (1920) Bridge Square in Northfield (1914)
Brunswick Hotel (1885)City Book Store (1881)
Carleton College - First Building (1875)Child in Sleigh (1890)
Children with their Dogs (1890)Citizens Bank of Northfield (1900)
Courthouse PostcardDeaf School Classroom (1892)
Deaf School Laundry (1899)Early Automobile
Edison Record StoreFaribault Depot (1912)
Faribault Post Office (1925) Farm Horses
Haskell Store (1900)Haskell Store (1910)
Horse & Buggy (George Herrick)Kaiser Boot & Shoe (1881)
Men Bailing Hay in the FieldsNorthfield Street Scene (1900)
Paving Faribault to Northfield (1920)Paving Road (1920) - photo #1
Paving Road (1920) - photo #2Picnic Gathering (1908)
Quarry (1920) - photo #1Quarry (1920) - photo #2
Removing Auto from RailroadRoad Construction (1920)
Shattuck-St. Mary's School PostcardSkating on Pond
St Olaf Steensland Library (1942)Stevens Drug Store (1881)
Student Nurses (1915) Sunday School Class/ Minnie Watson (1896)
Sunday School Class/Emma Lincoln (1898)Tractor, Farmers & Horses
Viaduct PostcardWomen in Formal Dresses (1879)




Rich in History

Today, Rice County remains rich in history. Many buildings in the County have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The list includes the Rice County Courthouse and the Community Corrections Building. In 1873, the corner lots where the Community Corrections Building now stands were purchased, and permanent quarters for the courthouse and jail were constructed on the sites of the present county buildings in 1874. The jail was condemned in 1910 and replaced by the present structure the same year. This structure was the Rice County Jail until the Law Enforcement Center was built in 1975 and the building was remodeled for the Rice County Social Services Department.

Alexander Faribault House
(12 1st Avenue NE, Faribault)
All Saints Church
(Washington & 5th Streets, Northfield)
Archibald House
(Hamilton & 2nd Streets, Dundas)
Archibald Mill
(Railway Street, Dundas)
Ault Store
(Second Street, Dundas)
Bonde Farm House
(16745 Kane Avenue, Nerstrand)
Bridge No. 8096
(Hwy. 19 over Spring Creek, Northfield)
Buckham Memorial Library
(Central Avenue & Division Street, Faribault)
Carufel House
(425 3rd Street SW, Faribault)
Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour
(515 2nd Street NW, Faribault)
Chapel of the Good Shepard (SSM)
(Shumway Avenue, Faribault)
Church of Annunciation
(4995 Albany Avenue, Northfield)
Church of Holy Cross
(Second Street, Dundas)
Church of Most Holy Trinity
(4939 Washington Street North, Veseli)
City Hall - Faribault
(208 1st Avenue NW, Faribault)
City Hall - Nerstrand
(Main Street, Nerstrand)
Christdala Evangelical Church
(Forest Township)
Dobbin House (SSM)
(1800 14th Street NE, Faribault)
Drake Farm House
(11188 Gates Avenue, Northfield)
Episcopal Rectory
(112 6th Street NW, Faribault)
Farmer Seed & Nursery
(818 4th Street NW, Faribault)
Goodsell Observatory
(Carleton College, Northfield)
Hutchinson House
(305 2nd Street NW, Faribault)
Johnston Hall
(First Street SE & State Avenue, Faribault)
Laura Baker School
(211 Oak Street, Northfield)
Lieb House
(201 4th Aveue SW, Faribault)
Lonsdale School House
(405 3rd Avenue SW, Lonsdale)
McCall House
(817 Ravine Street NE, Faribault)
Minnesota State Academy for Deaf  (Faribault)MSAD / Noyes Hall
(Sixth Avenue NE, Faribault)
Faribault Historical District
(Central Avenue)
Northfield Historical District
(Division/Water/3rd/5th Streets)
Old Main
(St. Olaf College, Northfield)
Roby Allen School
(525 5th Street NE, Faribault)
Scoville Memorial Library
(Carleton College, Northfield)
Shattuck Historic District
(1000 Shumway Avenue, Faribault)
Shumway Hall (SSM)
(1000 Shumway Avenue, Faribault)
Skinner Memorial Chapel
(Carleton College, Northfield)
Steensland Library
(St. Olaf College, Northfield)
Trondhjem Lutheran Church
(8501 Garfield Avenue, Lonsdale)
Valley Grove
(9999 155th Street East, Nerstrand)
(Division Street over the
Straight River, Faribault )
Weyer Wagon Shop
(32 2nd Street NE, Faribault)
Willis Hall
(Carleton College, Northfield)
Wilson House
(104 1st Avenue NW, Faribault)