Morristown was founded in 1855 around a Grist Mill business built along the northeast side of town. The mill had a strategic location near a natural dam that formed along the Cannon River. In 1989, the City of Morristown bought the property and had it restored by the Historical Society. While the mill has ceased its operations, it is a focal point throughout the year at local festivals and events showcasing the town’s history and the unique Grist Mill operation.

Morristown has a small town environment and the benefit of being close to the major roadways, leading to the Twin Cities and other parts of Minnesota. The town has a strong agricultural base and serves as a home to several farming and related supply businesses.

The town is known for its wide range of recreational activities, from fishing and camping to hiking along nature trails. Among the top choice are Maiden Rock West Campground, a 40-acre site nestled along the Canon River, and Willing Campground.

Many of the 1,027 local residents enjoy the annual Dam Days, weekend each summer. This event has turned into a large festival celebrating the community and attracting people from neighboring towns to see the Soap Box Derby, rides, and entertainment.

Morristown students attend Waterville-Elysian-Morristown School District 2143.

City of Morristown:

(507) 685-2302


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