Installation of Rural Address Signs


The County Board has awarded the contract to install over 7,700 posts and over 8,000 signs to JAAK, LLC of LeSueur, MN. The current schedule has installations starting the week of June 18, 2012, and the contract requires completion by October 31, 2012.

The contractor has chosen to start installations in Wheatland Township starting the week of June 18th. Once finished with installations in Wheatland Township, the contractor plans to move into Webster Township. Generally the contractor will begin installing signs east and west along highways starting in the north part of the township, and working his way south.

Your new address sign(s) will be installed based on the address sign installation standards approved by the Rice County Board of Commissioners on October 25, 2011. A typical sign placement is on the right side of the driveway approximately 15 feet from the shoulder of the road. If this location does not work, the contractor will refer to secondary location standards to determine the next best location. Because a primary public safety goal of the project is provide consistency and uniformity of the locations of the rural address numbers throughout the entire county, landowners will not be allowed to direct specific installation locations.



Dennis Luebbe, County Engineer, (507) 332-6110
Gary Weiers, County Administrator, (507) 332-6121