How do I recycle plastic bottles?

#1 - All soft drink/water bottles (leave the bottle caps ON the bottles), beverage and mouthwash bottles, and rinsed plastic food jars/containers.
#2 - Plastic bottles, plastic milk and water jugs, detergents, cleaners, shampoo bottles.
#3 - Household cleaning product bottles (must be empty), cooking oil bottles, salad dressing bottles, and some shampoo bottles. (No PVC piping allowed at all!).
#4 - Grocery type plastic bags (all of the bags must be put inside one of the bags), Small Buckets (8" diameter max.), soap dispenser bottles, food storage containers, squeezable bottles (NO Food Residue Allowed & No Styrofoam or Styrofoam like materials! ).
#5 - Yogurt containers, margarine tubs, some food containers, ketchup bottles (rinsed clean).
#6 - Small plastic flower pots (8" max. size and must be clean), plastic cups, and some medicine bottles.
#7 - Some miscellaneous small plastic containers & packaging.

Remember to leave caps and lids on containers!