How do I get information about requirements and/or licensing for Special Event Food Stands?

A special event food stand is a food and beverage service establishment which is used in conjunction with celebrations and special events, and which operates no more than three times annually for no more than ten total days. All stands must be operated in compliance with the Minnesota Food Code.

With summer festivals, fairs and other special events that involve food underway, Rice County Community Health Services reminds residents about current requirements for food vendors. For information on special events food stands including licensing requirements, location and construction of stand, food source, equipment, dishwashing facilities, hand-washing facilities, water source, waste disposal and insect control go to the Minnesota Department of Health website at: and search for 'food stands"

For further information about requirements for food stands or to request an application, call (651) 201-4500 (Environmental Health Services - Minnesota Department of Health) or Yolanda Larson (651) 201-4505. If you prefer email, sent your inquiry to the Food, Beverage and Lodging Program at:

Ensuring that event organizers contact the health department early in their event planning process is perhaps one of the most effective methods of intervention. Proper organization of food concessions by the event promoter is very important to safe and successful food vending.