How do I dispose of yard waste?

Minnesota law forbids the landfilling of yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings and brush. Minnesotans are encouraged to compost yard waste at home or bring yard waste to a community compost site.

Composting is a process that uses water, air and naturally occurring microbes to convert organic matter into a valuable resource. Added to gardens or placed at the base of trees and shrubs, compost contains essential nutrients for healthy plant growth, acts as a soil conditioner, helps the soil to hold moisture better and prevents erosion.

A backyard compost pile can be easily constructed and maintained.

For information on backyard composting and options for building compost structures, call the Recycling Hotline.

Faribault -- (507) 334-2222
Lonsdale -- (507) 744-2327
Morristown -- (507) 685-2302
Northfield -- (507) 645-8833