Sheriff Fees

Fee Category Title Amount Description
Jail Board of Out-of-County Inmates $65.00 /day
Jail Booking Fee $20.00

(paid by all inmates)

Jail Fingerprinting $10.00 /person
Jail Huber Law $40.00 /day

(Out-of-County Commitments)

Jail Huber Law $20.00 /day

(Rice County Commitments)

Jail Medical Co-Pay $20.00 each
Jail Pay-For-Stay $20.00 /day

(paid by straight time inmates only)

Jail Prescription Co-Pay $10.00 each
Jail T.B. Test Fee $15.00 /test

(paid by all inmates)

Sheriff Background Checks $4.00 /person

(for Social Services and Housing & Redevelopment only)

Sheriff Civil Process $70.00

(Posting Sale Notice)

Sheriff Civil Process $70.00

(Posting Sale Notice)

Sheriff Civil Process $75.00

(Certificate of Sale)

Sheriff Civil Process $75.00

(Sheriff Sale)

Sheriff Civil Process $250.00

(Mortgage Redemption)

Sheriff Civil Process $75.00 /hour

(Deputy time when special service is required)

Sheriff Civil Process $70.00

(Legal not found)

Sheriff Civil Process $70.00 /person

(Fee for Service-up to 3 attempts)
(Each attempt thereafter is $10.00 to a maximum $90.00/service)

Sheriff Faxes
Sheriff Permit to Carry Handgun $100.00 (new) $75.00 (renewal)

(non-refundable/5 year permit)

Sheriff Photocopies $0.20 /page
Burning Permits $0.00 (no charge)

Issued by your local Township Officials or Forestry Office

Driver License Checks $0.00 (unable to perform)

Not done per State's order

Report Copies $0.00 (no charge)

Issued by the Rice Couny Sheriff's Records Division