Feedlot & Ag

Division Overview                                          

The County Environmental Planners share the duties of the following titles along with assisting other positions in the Planning and Zoning Office.

County Feedlot Officer (CFO)

The duties of the CFO are to enforce and administer the County feedlot ordinance and to assist the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) with the enforcement of State and Federal rules that relate to livestock.  The CFO processes  feedlot permit requests, inspects feedlot sites and follows up on complaints.

County AG Inspector (CAI)

  • The duties of the CAI are to inspect places that sell seed within Rice County, to assist local weed inspectors in enforcement of the State Noxious weed law and to assist the Minnesota Dept. of Ag as directed.
  • Yearly the CAI in Rice County inspects retail seed sales locations collecting seed samples, inspects townships for noxious weed law compliance, and works to get biological control agents established in Rice County to control weeds.

For questions or concerns relating to Feedlots, please contact:  Wade Schulz, Rice County Agricultural & Land Use Planner, at (507) 332-5954 or by email

Feedlot Documents & Files

Feedlot Ordinance


The legislature provides funds to counties to implement state feedlot regulations and that the amount is primarily based on the number of registered feedlots in the county.  The following posted reports show the amount and kind of work that was done, as well as the cost to perform the work.  The County Feedlot Officer (CFO) should be contacted if there is interest in additional details.

Natural Resources Block Grant Reports

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