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Troy Dunn, Sheriff

Department Overview

The Sheriff's Office has a long history dating back to early English system of government where the “shire reeve” or Sheriff was liaison between the people and the Monarch. The Sheriff settled disputes, dispensed advice and generally kept the peace of the land before and after the Common Law era. The Office of Sheriff is one of the longest standing traditions of the English law system dating back to the seventh century A.D., imported to the colonies and subsequently adopted and democratized by the states.

Today in Minnesota and throughout the United States the tradition continues with the Sheriff elected by popular vote of the citizens of the county every four years maintaining a direct connection between the populace and the Chief Law Officer of the County. The Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement protection and service throughout the county, operates and maintains a detention facility (Jail), act as officers of the court provide courthouse security and prisoner conveyance, directs emergency management, conduct search and rescue operations and oversees recreational education and enforcement.




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Troy Dunn

Troy Dunn


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Text Your Crime Tips The Rice County Sherrif's office is pleased to announce another way for you to help fight crime. Its fast, easy and as always completely anonymous. All you have to do is text the word RICECO plus...