Licensed Childcare Providers/Centers

Rice County Social Workers provide orientation, training, licensing, and relicensing of family daycare and group family day care providers.

  • Faribault (including the cities of Kenyon, Montgomery, Morristown, Waterville)
  • Northfield (including the cities of Dundas, Lonsdale, Nerstrand, Veseli, Webster)

Persons may be eligible for childcare funding if their income is at or below 75 percent of the State's median income and they are in need of childcare services in order to secure employment, retain employment, or to obtain training or education necessary to secure employment.

Home Childcare Licensing in Rice County

Childcare services are especially needed for the care of children under 2 years old, part-time care, evening and weekend care. Nearly 80% of mothers with children under school age are working outside the home.

Getting Licensed

Childcare Rules & Regulations

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Training Opportunities & Requirements

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